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..Weekly, monthly, fortnightly or one off basis

Now days more and more people spend a larger part of their daily lives at work. Gone are the days when people stayed at home to do their domestic chores, instead they arrive home usually late feeling stressed and tired. This is where the services of Polly & Team provide the welcomed luxury of taking care of your household cleaning requirements, leaving you to come home to a fresh clean house, giving you more time to relax and enjoy leisure and family time.

"The key to a professional clean is time and motion training, all our staff are trained to clean to a high standard, with this in mind this makes us more efficient, thorough and able to provide competitive rates".

We operate three types of service:

Premier A very regular clean, done weekly, fortnightly or monthly
Supreme As above but with extra cleaning i.e Inside of fridges, freezers, windows.
Deluxe This is a thorough clean, usually done before regular cleaning commences, (or can be done also on a quarterly or annual basis.). This is similar to our 'Spring Clean'.

We can visit and discuss your cleaning requirements, we realise that most people have a budget to adhere to, so we try to accommodate your requirements with this in mind.

Please note: We are fully insured

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